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The annual, multi-disciplinary DiverseCity gallery showcase is presented by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) to celebrate Singaporean artists as citizen ambassadors in connecting and building relationships across countries. To achieve this objective in 2014, The Events Artery (TEA) came on board to conceptualize, produce and manage the gallery showcase by bringing to life this year’s theme – Connect, Collaborate and Community.

Our four-month long process of producing the showcase saw a collaboration of our designers and contractors, working with SIF throughout the concept, design, 3D rendering and final production processes of three sections within the gallery, each with its own chromatic identity.

We designed custom-made fixtures – incorporating creativity and functionality into the design and fabrication planning process. Our project management team planned visitor traffic flow and deployed architectural elements, media-rich exhibits and technology to build a story and layers of interaction.

We were also entrusted with the print production, in museum quality, of digital images and art representing works of some 130 of SIF’s Singapore Internationale artists presented in over 40 countries, including Singaporean producer and artist Tan Kheng Hua.

The launch of the gallery on 9 December 2014 was presided over by Minister Grace Fu, of the Prime Minister’s Office, and attended by over more than a hundred dignitaries, ambassadors and glitterati of the regional art community. The displaying artistes were also on hand to introduce their works, incorporating a Chinese opera performance with a modern twist.

Diversecity ran for three months at the National Museum until the end of February 2015, and TEA was proud to partner SIF in managing the gallery showcase throughout its tenure.



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